Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Eventful Year Ahead !

Sunday, 13 April 2014

4YP Supporting Young People Needing to Improve Their Family Relationships

Are you a young person in the area who could use some support contacting family elders?

Or do you know a young person that could use some support?


4YP are commissioned by Central Bedfordshire Council to provide support for up to a year for young people who have a parent or close family member in prison.  Therefore this is a free service which schools can access for their students and other professionals can access for their clients aged 10-17. 


Over the past year their support worker has helped young people by:

* advocating on behalf of young people at professionals meetings

* mediating with foster carers on behalf of young people to improve relationships

* supported young people to improve behaviour and attendance in school

* just being there on the end of the phone and to talk to face to face on a regular basis

* helping one young man to find his father after many years of no contact and not knowing which prison he was in

* offering to go with a young person to visit her mum in prison


There are many young people out there in this situation who could use this support and new referrals are welcome.


Referrals should be made by speaking to someone at your school and  asking them to complete an EHA form and submitting it to the CAF admin team at Central Bedfordshire.


If you have any queries regarding this project please feel free to contact Gill Boydell at gillboydell@4ypuk.com or on 07903 202 703.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Plan to Build 6 Apartments in Tennyson Avenue

A planning application has been submitted for "Land North of Tennyson Avenue between 97 and 119, Tennyson Avenue, Houghton Regis" for the development of land for residential purposes - erection of 3 one bedroom apartments, 3 two bed apartments, landscaping and parking. 

Trees on the land were recently subjected to tree preservation orders. The application states that many of the trees would be retained, and a "Tree Survey and Arboricultural Method Statement" is included in the application.

The application is on behalf of Clarence Country Homes Ltd.

Houghton Regis Town Councillors will review the application on Wednesday 9th April, before it goes forward to Central Bedfordshire Council for a decision. 

The application and plans can be viewed online at http://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/PLANTECH/DCWebPages/AcolNetCGI.gov and then, by entering application number,  CB/14/00858/FULL

Friday, 4 April 2014

Special Search is on for 127 Policing Volunteers

Currently, there are 203 Specials in the county, but both the Chief Constable and the Commissioner are hoping to see the numbers increase to 330 by this time next year. A recruitment campaign is already underway. 

Activities lined up for this weekend include events which the Specials routinely help to patrol and  police such as rave prevention patrols in Central Bedfordshire on Friday and Saturday evening; Luton Football on Saturday; and Operation HOGG on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will also be a ‘scenario weekend’ for the new intake on Saturday.

Last year the Police & Crime Commissioner, Olly Martins, allocated £115k from his Community Safety Fund to finance costs such as equipment, uniform and training for 46 more Special Constables. “The impressive and tangible results that they have achieved show that this money was well spent – and I hope to be able to provide further financial support this year,” he said.

Although Special Constables are unpaid, many of them speak of the satisfaction they gain from volunteering, Mr Martins commented. “The training and work they do also provides them with valuable opportunities for personal and professional development which can be a spring-board to a new career.”

Volunteering around four hours of their time a week, they serve alongside regular police officers and share the same powers. Training is on-going, but initially covers Law, self-defence, first aid and conflict/threat management. This training can take place over eight weeks on two evenings a week and three weekends or a two-week intensive course Monday to Friday 8-5pm and one weekend. Information about how to apply to become a Special is available on Bedfordshire Police’s website.

People interested in joining the Specials can find out more at